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Digital History is a trend in Switzerland, too. But, its position is not yet a solid one. This becomes evident, if we check the program of the fourth edition of the Historical Days in Switzerland, June 9 to 11, 2016, in Lausanne. Only two panels explicitly discuss digital media and methods: Jan Hodel, Mareike König and Nadine Fink present cases of how historians work with social media. And Anne Jobin, Hannes Mangold, Stefanie Prezioso and Valérie Schafer present the power of algorithms in historical social practices as the dragnet investigation in Switzerland, the regulation of information in France and the search for episodes and their perception in the case of World War I. It will be interesting to hear the comment of Nicolas Cachereau and follow the discussion moderated by Enrico Natale and Christiane Sibille.

In German-speaking countries, the skepticism about these new methods is still quite large, as can be read in an article of Urs Hafner in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung of May 27, 2016. Amongst other, he refers to my new book Geschichte Digital – Historische Welten neu vermessen (Kohlhammer) Please find here an English short cut of the book.

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4 thoughts on “Digital History delayed

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    • Dear Frédéric,

      I missed that, I’m sorry. I agree, Urs Hafner is partly right. For instance, Patrick Manning’s concept of big data in archives and history leaves me with quite many questions. I discuss it in my book.

      I have to match my schedule in Berne with that of the Historical days. Hope to meet you in Lausanne.

      Kind regards,

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