New Book: Reading Historicial Sources in the Digital Age

bild-reading-historical-sources-in-the-digital-ageClose reading or Distant reading: A new book of proceedings entitled “Reading Historical Sources in the Digital Age” («Lire des sources historiques à l’ère numérique») has just been published. The contributions of this volume base on selected papers presented at the conference of the University of Luxembourg held in 2013.

There is more and more historical data on the web. What are the prospects and methods for using this “Big Historical Data”? The book deals with text mining, semantic analysis, approaches to quantitative data, network analysis, visualization of data (including GIS) and, more generally, the links between fast and responsive readings.

What do these new methods mean for the epistemology of history? Do researchers change their writing of history? The book explores issues related to the reliability and quality of data, research results based on digital collections, as well as the evaluation of these collections as a new type of scientific publication online.

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